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Nithin Palavalli

Nithin Palavalli

Designation: CEO and Founder

Company: RubiX Network

Location: Switzerland

For more than 10 years, Nithin has been a successful, award-winning entrepreneur and an investor in variety of markets including fintech, crypto, digitization, mobile/ internet, and most recently, blockchain technology. With experience in investment, negotiation, and project execution across four continents, Nithin is a 4-time patent award winner and has vast real-world experience to share in the fields of fintech, cryptocurrency and NFTs, cybersecurity, and blockchain. As the current CEO of RubiX, Nithin and his team have developed the world’s first zero-carbon footprint blockchain as part of the Blockchain Green Initiative, leveraging the company’s proprietary Proof of Harvest approach to mining. Nithin believes blockchains of the future must be three things: Decentralized. Green. Free to All. Nithin has a PhD in nanotechnology, and a doctorate in material science and engineering.