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Myrtle Anne Ramos

Myrtle Anne Ramos

Designation: Founder, VP of Growth & Partnerships

Company: Block Tides, GokuMarket

Location: Philippines

Myrtle has helped hundreds of companies to benefit and transform their businesses to disrupt, adjust or scale utilizing the latest technological tools, products or help to build from scratch.

Myrtle Anne Ramos is the founder of the Award Winning PR Firm of 2020 by PitchDeck Asia (Marketing, Growth Hacking, Sales, Social Media Management, Giving opportunities to people, Media Distribution Services, Investor Relations, Public Relations) Official Influencer of CoinMarketCap. A scholar graduate of Draper University for Blockchain & Entrepreneurship powered by Tezos. She is currently the VP of Growth & Partnerships of GokuMarket.

Global Advisory Board of the International Council of E-Commerce along with being recognized by the endorsements of the US Federal Government, US Army, National Security Agency and the Committee on National Security Systems, the FBI, Microsoft, IBM, and the United Nations. EC-Council Advisory Board of CBP comprises well-known industry experts and top blockchain professionals from global brands across a diverse range of industries.

Nominated for CryptoAwards by Blockchain Fest Cyprus

Nominated for Stevie International Awards

Myrtle has helped many social issues in donating and helping using her event in donating to those who are in need. (E.g Typhoon Ulysses, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions and etc.) She raised more than $200,000 for donations alone and is giving away help during the COVID-19 Pandemic through her Block Tides Live Series and give away more than $60,000.

Supervised 1000+ Media Publications. Worked with The Face magazine Vietnam, #1 TV show in Vietnam Talkshow. We are a team of well-experienced marketers and PR heavily involved in blockchain technology.

Conducted over 27 successful Fintech and blockchain summits in Asia, Myrtle helped more than 50 blockchain projects for PR, Marketing, Social Media Management, Investor Relations, and raised more than $1,000,000+ both local and international. Our team is a golden bridge towards expanding the project globally in no time with our strategic partnership between Asia Token Fund and Block PR Asia.

Block Tides and Myrtle is connected with all Blockchain and mainstream media and is partnered with the top-notch Blockchain, Tech, Fintech & Crypto events globally.