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Michael Yeung

Michael Yeung

Designation: Founder & CEO

Company: Catbox Media

Location: Hong Kong

Michael Yeung is a futurist, and the founder of Catboxmedia and a listed DEFI coin.

He advises industry leaders on enterprise blockchain solutions, and partners with them in creating new fintech solutions using blockchain. Currently he is the Vice President of Hong Kong Blockchain Association. He has designed an Algo trading CFD system that automatically trades when there is a supply and demand imbalance in the market.

Prior to his blockchain career , he was a project manager for 17. years, where he analyzes He has worked with banks HSBC, BNP, Hang Seng Bank managing and improving on their banking networks. He has also developed a script that is still used today to back check on the health of several algo trading platforms that are being used by the investment banks and brokerage.