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David Wyly

David Wyly

Designation: CEO

Company: Useless Crypto

Location: USA

David "Carc" Wyly has more than 13 years of Software Engineering experience, and lives in Utah, USA. He is currently a Senior Software Engineering Manager for a teletherapy company by day, and leads Useless Crypto, LLC by night. Useless stands apart as the first token with an auto-stabilizing liquidity pool fueled by external revenue.

For Useless Crypto, LLC, David is the Useless Executive Officer. He assumed leadership over the project when the original developer for Useless stepped down and handed the keys over to the community. Since then, David has assembled a world-wide team of more than 20 people to help lead and manage the marketing, development, design, and community management of a token with millions of dollars in market capitalization.

Concerned with substance over style, David's "North Star" and style of management for Useless is: honesty, transparency, and integrity. His leadership ethos is that of inspiring others through enthusiasm and positivity, and taking the time to answer questions and engage with the community. A visionary, he relies heavily on trust in the project's leadership and delegation to ensure that things get done behind the scenes.

David's other notable accomplishments include leading BitRunr, Inc., working as a Platform Community Manager for SafeMoon, and co-founding Surge.