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Alex Cahana

Dr. Alex Cahana

Designation: Founding Partner

Company: Btblock Health Group

Location: USA

Dr. Alex Cahana is Founding member of BTBlock Health Group, Web 3.0 (Healthcare)

Expert for UN/CEFACT, and Board member at AdaLabs in Africa.

Alex is a conceptualist, healthcare ‘blockchanger’, and Web 3.0 champion. His areas of expertise are Wellbeing, Social Determinants of Health, Systems Engineering, and Phenomenology. He specializes in offering big-picture, cross-disciplinary advice, strategically assessing early-stage ventures, and designing disruptive solutions in healthcare. His solutions embrace the “holocratizing” of healthcare with Universal Health Income (UHI) with the goal of transforming people from passive health service consumers into active, self-sovereign health and wealth producers.